• Provision of
    Software and Hardware
    for Industrial Automation
  • Provision of
    for peripheral commands
  • Guaranteed -Quality
    Products and Services
  • Provision of equipment
    with optimized delivery

Integrate automation



We supply the necessary products to achieve the correct and complete implementation of the automation solution

  • Provision of System Software:
    Base System Licenses.
    Engineering Stations Licenses.
    Operating Stations Licenses.
    Maintenance Stations Licenses.

  • Provision of System Hardware:
    Base System Servers.
    Engineering Stations.
    Operating Stations.
    Maintenance Stations.
  • Controllers.

    The best solution is selected and specified for each type of application in accordance with the type of automation.

  • Equipment for peripheral commands.

    The necessary equipment to acquire and command field data is organized and provided in three different ways, i.e., centralized, remote or through field networks, according to surrounding conditions and installing specifications.

  • Structured wiring installation for data networks.

    Data Networks are installed according to physical dimensioning specifications and distribution so that the selected communication protocols for each application can achieve the specified performance.

  • Power and command electrical panels for automation.

    Planning, assembly and installation of electrical panels for automation. Low Voltage panels for CCM type-engine command with fixed or removable cabinets. Command boards for periphery of control system and field networks.